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Euro Perspective Foundation

click for website Euro Perspective FoundationEuro Perspectives Foundation (EPF) aims to foster sustainable development in Europe whereas information society, environmental protection and socially responsible economy are of top priority and to strengthen the European integration of the Western Balkans area acting as a centre for training and education and exchange of experience. EPF was established by key stakeholders to achieve such a goal among which Region of Gabrovo, National Park, University, Business Centre and individuals with vast experience in working with governmental structures and SMEs on national and pan-European level. Region of Gabrovo as establisher of EPF will provide its full expertise and capacity for achievemnt of project expected results. 
EPF can provide the necessary resources for quality contribution to the implementation of this project distilling the best practices and tools in fostering risk mitigation measures and offering them for adaptation and implementation first to its founders but also on national level. EPF is best placed to partner in this project as it applies multi-stakeholder approach and is able to effectively engage the respective stakeholders in an active and result-oriented dialogue at national level while exposing them to the experience and knowledge of the advanced EU member states so they make decisions and commit to their implementation on practice. Last but not least EPF possesses expertise especially in the field of GIS based spatial planning.

The project manager of the Bulgarian partner - EPF is Mariya Basheva. She has great experience both in the public administration sector and in the implementation of projects under the PHARE programme, the Operational Programmes and INTERREG IVC. The other member of the project team, Mihaela Stoyanova, is a member of the Supervisory Board of Euro Perspectives Foundation and she is an expert in regional development and international cooperation. Veleslava Abadzhieva and Milena Ignatova shall support the successful implementation of activities by means of coordination with external partners and stakeholders. All members of EPF who are interested in the topic of risk mitigation and are willing to participate will be involved in the project realization at an early stage or later.

For the successful realization of the MISRAR project the team will rely upon the expertise of external for the organization experts from all the relevant state institutions that deal with risk management and mitigation of hazards. They will provide the team with all the necessary information and documentation in order to identify and outline the best practices in the sphere.