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Municipality of Aveiro

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Through its experience with spatial relevant risks in the past, the city of Aveiro has developed multiple instruments for spatial mitigation that are highly relevant for the projects goals. These experiences and developed instruments make Aveiro a highly relevant partner in the project. In the past the city of Aveiro had to deal with numerous multi hazard situations and therefore has significant experience with the need to mitigate spatial relevant risks. The city occupies an area of about 200 km2, and the flooded part of the Basin of Vouga River counts for one third of this area. In the past hazards had significant effects on cultural, infrastructural and economic development, which triggered the need to develop long term multi hazard mitigation strategies and instruments to enable sustainable development of the region. For example a municipal instrument has been developed to redefine flood perimeter. 

Other developed instruments in the field of spatial mitigation include: Survey and registration in GIS database of all cases of risk; Production of thematic mapping of risk; Production of GIS applications in relation to the support of and response to spatial mitigation decision-making; Training Integration of guidelines as restrictions on licensing and territory planning. It is the aim of Aveiro in this project not only to share its own mitigation tools and practices with the project partners, but also to include contribution from the partnership in their own risk mitigation based GIS applications. As a local authority Aveiro is directly responsible for its own disaster mitigation policies and is therefore in the position to directly influence local policies.