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Municipality of Tallinn
Tallinn is faced with several risks that affect spatial planning in its area. One of the main tasks is to ensure a sustainable economic and environmental development for the region. The current situation does not enable the effective fulfillment of this task due to the intrinsic existence of unidentified risks in the district. The city drafted the first risk
assessment, evaluation and mitigation plan in 2004, consisting of mapping of the potential industrial
risk sources and an identification of risk-classes. Several relevant risks were identified and a
mitigation plan was elaborated. Between 2004 - 2007 the plan was implemented and a some problems were solved. Today the plan is out of date and needs further development. Besides, the initial plan concentrated mainly on industrial risks, leaving aside several other. Thus Tallinn is experienced with the scope of the project as well it has the obligation to deal with it.

However, as the scope of risks tackled and managed was limited, the city requires peer expertise and international know-how to further develop its activities. Tallinn will share its experiences with its partners in order to a) share knowledge and experience related to risk analysis and risk management; b) updating and improving the existing action plan for mitigating the sources of risks located in the territory of Tallinn based on international expertise and know-how; c) mapping the potential sources of risks located in the territory of Tallinn (especially technical and related to former military infrastructure), identifying suitable measures for mitigating the risks and composing a comprehensive action plan; d) elaborating information and training materials in respective field as well as conducting training courses for (urban) planners, politicians, risk management experts and decision-makers at local level