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On this page you will find links to other projects and organizations working in the field of mitigation.

Managing Adaptive Responses to changing flood risk

MARE stands for Managing Adaptive REsponses to changing flood risk in the North Sea region. The overarching aim of the project is to enable widespread implementation of local adaptive measures to reduce and adapt to flood risk. MARE is developing and demonstrating a transnational approach to local Flood Risk Management through the following parallel areas of activity:
  • Learning & Action Alliances
  • Climate Proofing Toolbox and Guidance (CPT)
  • Demonstration

   Natural Risk Prevention in Mediterranean Countries

The origin of NARPIMED project is to be found in the necessity to develop some techniques, methods and procedures aimed at promoting new policies for natural risk prevention (focusing on seismic risks) at the national and European level. These methodologies could be shared among the different associated beneficiaries through the realization of a Manual for risk prevention.

         Technologies for the cost-effective Flood Protection of the Built Environment

FloodProBE aims to develop technologies, methods and tools for flood risk assessment and for the practical adaptation of new and  existing buildings, infrastructure and flood defences leading to a better understanding of vulnerability, flood resilience and defence performance. This research supports implementation of the Floods Directive throught the development of more effective flood risk management strategies. The work is being undertaken in close partnership with industry, and is utilising pilot sites across Europe, to help provide practical industry guidance and cost effective construction solutions.FloodProBE is a European research project with the objective of providing cost-effective solutions for flood risk reduction in urban areas.

European Forest Fire Networks Project

EUROFINET is a 24 month Interreg4c project that will be delivered between October 2010 and September 2012. The main objective of the project is the transfer of good practice to improve national and regional policies on forest fire prevention and management.

A number of lessons learned from the floods after hurricane Katrina as well as other insights from research and practice in the United States were deemed applicable to flood risks in the Netherlands. At the request of the Dutch government, a collaborative network of Dutch and American universities and institutes was formed, the 'Netherlands US Water Crisis Research Network' (NUWCReN). The network is funded by the Dutch Ministry of Transport, Public Works and Water Management and is operational from 2009 until April 2012. (see also: "Flood preparedness in the netherlands, a US perspective")