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Province of Forli-Cesena
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The Province Forlì-Cesena is one of the 9 provinces of Emilia-Romagna Region. It occupies a total area of 2,376 km² and has a total population of 388.019 (1.1.2009). It includes 30 municipalities. The two main municipalities are Forlì and Cesena. Its territory offers a wide variety of landscapes: mountains (22,6%), hills (44,6%), plain (32,8%) and blue sea.

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Economic structure
The Province Forlì-Cesena has a per capita income of 21.983 Euros and it has been classified as one of the 10 richest Provinces in Italy (data 2009). The small and medium sized enterprises (SME) are the driving force of its economy. The Province has a relatively weak industry sector compared to the other areas of the Region, but it has a remarkable position in agriculture and agro-industry. In fact, in recent years one of the most important fruit and vegetable and agricultural districts in Europe has been established and consolidated in the Province of Forlì-Cesena, namely in Cesena, and there is a high level of integration between its various components. In fact the producers are supported by an entire network of services providing technical assistance aimed at food quality and food safety.
Emergency planning
National regulation has assigned specific planning functions to Province Forlì-Cesena in several sectors such as:
  • soil defence
  • environment preservation and valorisation
  • disaster prevention
  • preservation and valorisation of hydro and energy resources

These issues are managed by the Provincial Department for Civil Protection.
In the field of disaster management in general and mitigation in specific, Province Forlì-Cesena plays a very important role, being the intermediate between municipalities and region. It is competent for the preparation of Prevention Plans and Programmes and Emergency Plans on the basis of regional guidelines and indications.
Province Forlì-Cesena has adopted in 2008 an Emergency Provincial Plan that is the result of the state of the art analysis on:
  • the prediction and prevention activities realised by Provincia in the last years;
  • the concertation activity with the institutional subjects and the civil protection operating structures that has led to the definition of a shared model of intervention for the management of emergency.

For Province Forlì-Cesena the MiSRaR project is implemented by an internal working group made up of several people from three different provincial department: Department for Programming, Economical Activities, Tourism, Culture and European Projects, Department for Agriculture, Rural Territory, Flora and Fauna, and Department for Environment and Territory Safety. In particular the Civil Protection Unit, which is part of the latter department, is actively involved in the technical aspects of the project (Claudia Casadei, Stefano Guardigli) supported by an external geologist, expert on landslides (Pietro Cucci). Elisa Cangini of European Projects Office and Francesca Marini of Agriculture Development Office are in charge of project management and communication activities of the project. 

Supervisor of all the project activities is Marina Flamigni, Head of the Department for Programming, Economical Activities, Tourism, Culture and European Projects. The working group has frequent contacts and exchange with the Provincial Committee of Civil Protection, which is an important body composed by public and private subjects who share and evaluate procedures of risk planning and emergency management.

The Provincial Committee includes the main stakeholders in civil protection sector: mayors and technicians by the 30 Municipalities, representatives of the Regional Agency for Civil Protection, Prefecture, Fire Brigades, National Forest Service, Coordinating Body of the Volunteering Associations for Civil Protection and bodies managing water resources. 

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