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Region of Epirus
The Region of Epirus consists of four Regional Units (Ioannina, Thesprotia, Arta and Preveza) which were before the 1st of January 2011 Prefectures and now have ceased to exist as public entities and become part of the Region of Epirus. As a result the responsibilities/expertise have passed from the ex-Prefectures to the Region. The four Regional Units of Epirus have a long standing experience with disaster management and the development of disaster mitigation policies.
The area has an increasing risk of forest fires, which result to more floods during winter.

As a regional authority the Region of Epirus is in a position
to directly influence regional policies in this field. As a partner of the MisRaR project the region of Epirus will share through the activities in the project its experience with disaster mitigation policy development, providing expert input, best practices in the region, developed instruments etc, continuing in this way the policy of the Prefecture of Thesprotia, which was a partner in the MisRaR project until the 31st of December 2010 and now has been replaced by the Region of Epirus.

Even though significant work has been done so far in all four Regional Units of Epirus, there is a strong interest in the region to capitalize on the experiences gained on the topic in regions elsewhere. EU relevant experience is needed and the appropriate platform will be provided by the Region to host it, customize knowledge with the help of local and international experts and integrate it in the operation of relative administration departments in the thematic area.

Contact information:
e-mail: a.bezas@php.gov.gr or nimpatzi@thesprotia.gr 
website: www.php.gov.gr or www.thesprotia.gr