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Safety Region South-Holland Southwebsite veiligheidsregio Zuid-Holland Zuid / Safety region South-Holland South

The region South Holland South consists of 19 municipalities with around 450.000 inhabitants.
The region South Holland South is through its spatial location a logistic and transport hub of national importance. Through the region flow two of the main rivers in Holland and the water of the north sea reaches the extensive harbour. All this brings about a number of spatial risks. There is a close coöperation between the municipalities in the region of South Holland South. There is a regional ambulance service, regional health care / paramedic, a regional environmental agency and a regional department for disaster management, including the regional fire brigade: the Safety Region. The Safety Region South-Holland South has important responsibilities not only in respons and preparation but also in consultantcy the local government in matters of pro-action and prevention. There is also a very close cooperation with the regional police force and the water boards. Through this approach the municipalities in the region South Holland South are well prepared to minimize the impact of future natural and/or technological events.  

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The Region South-Holland South
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The Region South-Holland South
Traditionally the region has dealt with the impact of natural hazards, specifically the threat of flooding, but in the past decade neThe regio situated in the Netherlands. Click to enlarge the map of the regionw challenges posed, like infrastructural and industrial development. Keeping a balance between developed and natural land, the sustainability of the environment etc. the region felt a need to further develop and partially reinvent ways to spatial mitigate the region. The region sees the experiences of other towns and regions as a very valuable input for its own development. At the same time, the region feels it can contribute significantly to the spatial mitigation capacities elsewhere. Specific tools have been developed in setting spatial planning norms for economic development, instruments to assess results of multi hazards situation when hazards create other hazards, judicial instruments to enable governments to have more influence on spatial planning in relation to risks, instruments to weight risks in terms of cost/benefit analysis. 
Projectmanager for the Safety Region is Nico van Os. He is supported by Tim te Pas, VNG International and Hélène Fobler, province of South Holland. For the staff of the safety region SHS, risk- and crisismanagement is the result of a joint effort by many partners. Good results can only be achieved if partners work together. Therefore, the safety region not only participates in the project, but also put together a group of people coming from the different stakeholder-organisations. These partner organisations are based in the region itself and in the rest of the Netherlands. The Dutch contribution to the project is prepared in a so-called expert group, which includes representatives of the organizations concerned. In this way the safety region will be able to contribute its expertise and experts and more organisations will be able to learn from the foreign partners. Another result is that there are direct bilateral contacts established between foreign partners and partners in its network as the exchange of knowledge and experience benefit. 
Organisations in addition to the various departments of the Safety Region SHS associated with the project are:

The expert group
Participants in the expert group are: 
  • Ronald Kooman, city of Dordrecht 
  • Huub van der Weide, Safety Region SHS, project manager project Spoorzone Dordrecht & Zwijndrecht 
  • Hans Waals, Waterboard Hollandse Delta 
  • Ruud Houdijk, project manager “regional risk assessment” 
  • Yde Hamstra, province of South Holland 
  • Alette Getz-Smeenk, VNOG Safety Region North East Gelderland, lead partner National Programme Development Wildland fire risk management in The Netherlands 

For more specific information about Misrar and Sout-Holland South contact:
Nico van Os projectmanager SR SHS

Tim te Pas projectmanager VNG International